About CJ Nichols

From the oDesk.com website photo shoot.

From the oDesk.com website photo shoot.

Writing is hard. And editing can hurt, but it doesn't have to. Good editing shouldn't simply tell you where your writing went wrong, but it should also enlighten, encourage, and teach you—and show you where your writing went right

As an editor, I view each piece of writing holistically to ensure that it is not only grammatically correct but that it also serves its intended purpose, whether that purpose is to inform, entertain, market, or educate.

As a writer, my goal is to create text that fits my clients' needs and complies with their chosen style guides, whether I'm creating user or administrator guides for applications, online documentation, web copy, or computer-based training.

My specialties include editing of all types (from proofreading to full revisions/rewrites), technical writing, web content, web-based training, style guide creation, and creative manuscript critiques.